Trio of Treats - Box of 12

Trio of Treats - Box of 12

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Our Trio of Treats are sure to triple your brownie experience. Chocoholic, Mohcalicious and Peanut Butter Fantasy brownies are attractively packaged in our classic brown Broadway Bakery box. If you're a brownie purist, then our Chocoholic Brownie is for you with its gooey chocolate-chip-studded brownies topped with silky chocolate ganache. We have added our After Eight brownie. It begins with a layer of our very best chocolate brownie followed by creamy mint frosting and last but not least, a thick layer of incredible chocolate fudge. To complete the set is our Peanut Butter Fantasy Brownies featuring: rich chocolate, Reese's peanut butter cups and frosting made of scrumptious milk chocolate and peanut butter.

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